Shahidi wa Maji


Shahidi wa Maji

Our Vision

A fair water future for all in Tanzania where water is managed in a fair, efficient and sustainable way to support communities, business and ecosystems.



To work in partnership to advocate for water security  and governance for communities, business and ecosystems thereby making an important contribution to achieving the sustainable water security of Tanzanians.


We are a Tanzanian Civil Society Organisation dedicated to sustainability, equity and accountability in water resource management, formed in 2008 by a group of Tanzanian’s working in business, academia, the water sector, NGOs and the media driven by concerns over their experiences on the ground. 
We have a skilled and experienced team with a proven track record in improving water security, particularly for vulnerable communities, and we fulfil a unique role in Tanzania’s institutional landscape advocating and taking action for fair, efficient and sustainable water management. 

We have received support and worked in partnership with Water Witness International, USAID, DFID and the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund. 

Habari za Maji Media Prize for Outstanding Journalism

Shahidi wa Maji is working in partnership across Tanzania through the Uhakika wa Maji Initiative to transform  the way water is managed so that all Tanzanians, our environment and economy can thrive.  Our initiative has generated compelling stories and cases studies which highlight the critical role of improved water management for Tanzania’s future.  In July 2017 we shared these with thirty of the country’s leading journalists at our media training event in Dar es Salaam which aimed to enable journalists and media houses  across the country to fulfill their key roles in driving positive change for our shared water security. Here the launch of a new annual prize – the Habari za Maji Prize – for outstanding journalism for accountability on water was also announce. Click links below for further information: